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January 13, 2014
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April 29, 2014
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For me, unloading the dishwasher in the kitchen is sometimes a job that I try to avoid. The plates seem heavy even though the are empty, the cutlery still requires a good scrub in the sink, and I need to grab a dish towel to dry the water remaining on the glasses – who needs any of that. Today I let my mind wander and realized that I love my mom’s kitchen.

The kitchen in my home would tick a lot boxes on the average person’s list. I get to work in an open plan space which is great for entertaining and visitors can even pull up a stool at the island counter while the chef is preparing the main course. There are defined work zones yet the work triangle is not too large. My kitchen is on the medium-large size in terms of floor space.

My mom, on the other hand has a small kitchen – and I love to work in it. Maybe it’s because after two side steps to the right of the dishwasher I can put the clean plates away. When I’m washing dishes at the sink I can glance through the pass-through and out the oversize window of the dining room on the other side. It’s compact but has everything that I need – full size appliances, layered lighting, full height cabinetry and full extension drawers.

In kitchens, bigger isn’t always better.