Beat The Kitchen Remodeling Rush

How Smart Homeowners Beat The Kitchen Remodeling Rush


 Going out for a nice steak dinner on Valentine’s Day seems like a great idea, until you learn you have to wait an hour for your reservation because the restaurant is overbooked, noisy and crowded. Stress is the opposite of romance, however if you’re using or visiting a business during its busy time, stress is somewhat inevitable.

So, when is a kitchen remodelers busy season?

The start of spring marks the start of warmer weather and can also mean the start of remodeling season. However, just because it’s busy, it doesn’t mean it needs to be stressful or that you should wait until Fall starts to update your kitchen.

There is a trick to getting in before the rush!

Let us explain; 

If you want to be first in line for a roof repair,  you’d work with a roofing company that offers a warranty against leaks. This way, when you call, you get an instant cut to the front of the line.  You become a priority!

So how do you get to cut in line with a kitchen remodel project?

Spring’s beautiful weather inspires some gorgeous new design ideas, but if you want to cut the line when construction season starts and avoid the packed and noisy crowd, schedule a SPRING DESIGN consultation now!

We’ll come to you and provide a free consultation with a professional designer at a time that suits you best. We’ll help you to visualize your spring inspiration, and provide you with advice on designing the perfect kitchen package.

Become the priority you deserve. 

Just think, next year you can spend your romantic Valentine’s day cooking a steak dinner together in the kitchen of your dreams!



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