5 Common Delays in Renovation Projects

5 Common Delays in Renovation Projects

Of the many reasons a remodeling project can be delayed, these are the 5 most common causes we hear about. Everyone hopes for the best, but should always plan for the worst. Being prepared for when things do go downhill is always time well spent.

1. Weather . This is arguably the most challenging and unpredictable issue to deal with. Inclement weather can affect work including painting, siding, roofing, concrete, and more. Weather is also very dependent on where you live. Here in Manitoba, builders and remodelers will try to plan for weather events that will likely happen.

2. Long lead times and back orders . This can occur especially during busy seasons and holiday periods. Making material selections up front, like tile, light fixtures, and handles is a good way to try and avoid holdups down the road.

3. Permit delays . Most renovations need to be inspected by the local building and development department. This process can be lengthy and sometimes frustrating. Ensuring that all of your documents, including plans, are in order should assist with a more streamlined and efficient process.

4. Subcontractor schedules . Your General Contractor may have created a perfect renovation schedule, but if the subcontractors can’t start as planned, there could be delays. One solution could be to find a new subcontractor. However, it pays to wait on your existing subcontractors, as your General Contractor has spent lots of time putting together a team he can trust and knows will deliver good quality work.

5. Preexisting conditions . Unforeseen problems that need to be remedied before work can continue (mold, rot, electrical issues) will add time to the schedule.

When you start out on a renovation journey you should always expect there may be some bumps in the road. While your General Contractor will do everything he can to make your renovation journey run as smoothly as possible, delays may still occur.


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